Office of Community College Research and Leadership 
OCCRL, University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign

Mission is to use research and evaluation methods to improve policies, programs and practices to enhance community college education and transition to college for diverse learners in Illinois and the United States.

Office of Community College Research and Policy
OCCRP, Iowa State University

Goal is to provide relevant and timely research and policy information that will inform scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and leaders about the role and impact of community colleges on individuals and society.

21st Century Educational Leadership Profiles Project 
University of Florida

Serves as a resource for higher educational institutions in candidate selection for administrative positions and/or professional development plans for existing personnel.

American Association of Community Colleges

Participates in a wide variety of national projects and programs, such as Tech Prep, health and HIV, and service learning.

Center for Community College Policy
Education Commission of the States

Supports the development of public policy that encourages the development of effective and innovative community colleges across the United States.

Community College Research Center 
Columbia University

Promotes research on major issues affecting the development, growth and changing roles of community colleges in the United States.

Community College Survey of Student Engagement 
University of Texas-Austin

Provides information on learning-centered indicators of quality for community colleges. The survey is a versatile, research-based tool that will be useful to colleges as a benchmarking instrument, diagnostic tool, and monitoring device.

League for Innovation in the Community College 

Leads a number of projects and competitions with member colleges, corporate partners, and other agencies.

Bill J. Priest Center for Community College Education

Handles issues related to public policy and community colleges, including finance, administration, and alternative teacher certification.

Center for Urban Education 
University of Southern California

Leads socially conscious research and develops tools needed for institutions of higher education to produce equity in student outcomes.