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The Council for the Study of Community Colleges (CSCC) is dedicated to the dissemination of research and other scholarly work relevant to our membership. Through the CSCC website, we encourage members and their students to contribute to our growing database of community college research. All posted materials will be publically available on the website.

The following materials are eligible for submission:

  • Research, technical, and policy reports,
  • Conference presentations, papers, and posters (CSCC conference submissions and submissions from other conferences are welcome)—conference names/organizations, dates, and other relevant information must be included on the document cover, first page, or on the poster,
  • Literature reviews and annotated bibliographies,
  • Dissertation abstracts,
  • Position papers,
  • Transcripts of speeches,
  • Other scholarly works related to community colleges.

Note: Materials typically not considered include: books, websites, blogs, and journal articles if journals hold the copyright; article abstracts and links may be considered.

Upon receipt, CSCC will review the documents to ensure they are (1) focused primarily on two-year and community colleges, (2) complete and understandable, (3) written in English, and (4) present a substantive contribution to the field. We reserve the right to deny any submission, and CSCC does not necessarily endorse positions conveyed in documents posted to this database.

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Files may not exceed 3MB and must be submitted in one of the following formats: PDF (preferred), MS Word, or PowerPoint.

    I hold/retain copyright to this material.

The submitting author(s) must ensure that materials copyrighted by any source other than the author will not be uploaded. If CSCC learns that submitted material is copyrighted, files will not be uploaded. Currently posted copyrighted materials will be removed from the website. If documents are subsequently published, contributors should contact CSCC if they wish to remove materials from the website.

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  • Adult Learners
    Community Outreach
    Culture and Context
    Developmental Education
    Faculty Development
    Financial Aid/Grants
    Gender Issues
    Historical Account
    Institutional Accountability
    Institutional Policy
    Institutional Research
    Leadership and Administration
  • Multiculturalism
    Partnership and Collaboration
    Race and Class
    Rural Issues
    Student Affairs
    Student Assessment
    Student Enrollment
    Student Retention or Persistence
    Student Success
    Teaching & Learning
    Technology and E-learning
    Urban Community Colleges

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