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Below you will find documents related to past conferences, including programs and presentations.

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2018 Conference Program and 60th Anniversary Resolution  Addison, TX
2018 Brunch Topic: Community Colleges in India, a slide show

2017 Conference Program.pdf Fort Worth, TX

2016 Conference Program.pdf Plano, TX

2015 Conference Program.pdf Fort Worth, TX
Dr. Art Cohen's Presentation Given During the New Directions Brunch:

2014 Conference Program.pdf Washington, DC

2013 Conference Program.pdf San Francisco, CA

2012 Conference Program.pdf Orlando, Fl

2011_Conference_Program.pdf New Orleans, LA

2010_Conference_Program.pdf Seattle, WA

2009-Conference-Program.pdf  Los Angeles, CA

2008-Conference-Program.pdf  Philadelphia, PA

2007-Conference-Program.pdf  Tampa, FL

2006-Conference-Program.pdf  Long Beach, CA

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