Conference 2019


 2019 CSCC Conference San Diego, CA
                        Voices for Research on Community Colleges

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, community colleges enroll 45% of all undergraduate students attending public institutions. Their history, prevalence, successes, and challenges have been documented, critiqued, and at times celebrated, as we saw at the Council for the Study of Community College’s 60th anniversary last year.  We are also reminded daily of the importance of community colleges by the increase in national attention on the sector, especially over the past decade involving efforts to improve college access, success, and equity.  As an engaged community, our members’ awareness of the importance of community colleges stems from roles as university faculty members leading impactful research and preparing leaders through graduate programs, practitioner-scholars leading in the field every day at institutions and related organizations, and graduate students building scholarly and administrative paths.  Clearly, the topics on which we focus are critical, but important, too, are the voices of those contributing to the community college movement.  The Council for the Study of Community Colleges is a more than an organization, it is a scholarly community of individuals dedicated to the advancement of community colleges through research. This year’s conference honors your voices.

This year’s conference divisions include Equity, Diversity, and International; Leadership and Organizations; Policy and Finance; Students; Teaching and Learning, and Faculty Issues; and Workforce and Career Education. The Program Committee welcomes proposals in each of these divisions, as they are all critical for the advancement of community colleges and the students they serve.  It is through original research and scholarly analysis in each of these divisions utilizing a diversity of research methods that we embrace the individual voices of our conference presenters, the collective voice of CSCC, and the voices of those who attend, work for, and benefit from community colleges.  Thank you for lending your voices to CSCC!
Mark D'Amico, CSCC President-Elect and 2019 Conference Organizer

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